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PreSonus Eris Pro 8 (ราคาต่อข้าง)

  • Listen to your mixes reproduced with lifelike realism! The Eris® Pro 8's symmetric design and consistent acoustic center provides superior phase alignment between components to deliver a wide sweet spot, precise stereo imaging, and symmetrical dispersion patterns, making them ideally suited for immersive Dolby Atmos rooms and stereo mix environments alike.
  • The Eris Pro 8's coaxial design provides a single acoustic point source that creates a natural listening experience, revealing the subtlest nuances in your recordings, while providing a three-dimensional soundstage, detailed transient response, and lifelike sonic reproduction. Combined with a punchy low-end that defies its compact size, the Eris Pro 8 provides a superior listening experience for both home studios and professional mix rooms.


A 1.25-inch, ultra-low mass, silk-dome tweeter ensures snappy, accurate transient reproduction, while a 8-inch, woven-composite woofer offers tight, clear bass, with plenty of punch and no flab. A ported enclosure and 140 watts of power allows the Eris Pro 8 to reach down to an astonishing 35 Hz, while a finely detailed transient response and stunning dynamics deliver a natural and less fatiguing experience.

Acoustic tuning controls and a three-way Acoustic Space tuning lets you accurately configure the Eris Pro 8 for your room. Flexible input options enable connection to almost any line-level source, from mixers to audio interfaces and more. Provisions for wall and ceiling mounts make it easy to integrate Eris Pro 8 monitors into any stereo or multi-channel system.



  • Single point-source coaxial design for wider sweet spot and better phase alignment
  • 8-inch, woven-composite, low-frequency driver
  • 1.25-inch, silk-dome, high-frequency driver
  • 140W, Class AB amplification
  • 35 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • 108 dB SPL (Peak, @ 1 meter
  • Acoustic Tuning Controls: Acoustic Space (Flat, -2 dB, -4 dB), High Frequency (±6 dB, center 10 kHz, continuously variable), Mid Frequency (±6 dB, center 1 kHz, continuously variable), Low Cut (Flat, 80 Hz, 100 Hz @ -12 dB / octave)
  • XLR and ¼-inch TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced rear-panel inputs
  • Protection: RF interference, output-current limiting, over-temperature, turn-on/off transient, subsonic filter
  • Power Saver mode (engages after 40 minutes of no audio)
  • Wall and ceiling mountable


Highlights & Specs

Inspired Design For Inspiring Results.

Placing the high-frequency driver in the center of the low-frequency driver increases clarity, widens stereo imaging, and produces an incredibly even mid-range. Vocal clarity, the attack of a snare, and guitar presence shine through, allowing you to quickly and accurately place them in a mix and get the results you desire faster than ever before.


Symmetric Response.

The Eris Pro 8’s coaxial design provide a symmetrical dispersion resulting in a crisper stereo image, greater soundstage depth, and superior separation between components in a complex mix.

Set Up Your Studio Monitors For Your Room.

Acoustic Tuning controls ensure you’ll get the flattest frequency response possible in your mix environment. You get Low Cut, Mid, and High controls, as well as 3-way Acoustic Space tuning that allows you to easily compensate for the sonic consequences of speaker placement against a wall or in a corner.

PreSonus Eris Pro 8 (ราคาต่อข้าง)

฿21,000.00 Regular Price
฿18,900.00Sale Price

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