Featuring a second cabinet devoted exclusively to bass, with an additional single 12-inch Radial bass driver, the twin-cabinet MB3 XBD-A system offers still better dynamics than the MB3, with an additional 3dB of headroom below the bass crossover frequency of 380Hz, and allows larger rooms to be driven with an even smoother frequency response, producing a maximum SPL of 129dB. The twin XBD cabinets can be freestanding or soffit-mounted, and may be positioned vertically or side by side for greater flexibility. As with the MB3-A, a matching low-profile centre channel (MB3 XBD-C-A) is available for use in multi-channel arrays. Thanks to the wide-ranging frequency response of the twin-cabinet system, additional dedicated subwoofers are not a requirement.


• Type: 3-way ATL™ active reference monitor
• Frequency response: 20Hz-25kHz
• Power per channel: 3225W (HF 275W, MF 550W, LF & LFX 2400W)
• Effective ATL™ length: 2 x 3 metres
• Maximum SPL: 129dB


รีวิว : https://www.vintagestudiothailand.com/post/sound-sound

MB3S XBD-A(pair)

  • Available Finishes:              Studio black

    Crossover Frequency:        380Hz & 3.8kHz

    Dimensions:                        H 1740mm (68.5 ") x W 380mm (15") x                                                      D 535mm (21")

    Drive Units:                         LF - 2 x PMC 310mm (12-inch) Radial driver
                                                MF - PMC hand built 75mm soft-dome driver
                                                HF - PMC 34mm soft-dome tweeter with                                                    acoustic radiator

    Effective ATL™ Length:          2 x 3m (10ft)Frequency

    Response:                                20Hz - 25kHz

    Impedance:                              Input Impedance 20k Bal

    InputConnectors:                     AES3, 24-bit, 192kHz

    sensitivity:                                Adjustable +4 to +20dBu

    Weight:                                     88kg (194 lbs) each

    Amplifier Power per Channel:  LF - 1 x 2400Wrms
                                                      MF - 1 x 550Wrms
                                                      HF - 1 x 275Wrms

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