The twotwo sub2 is an active subwoofer for PMC’s twotwo range of nearfield monitors; with its rigid, highly braced low-resonance cabinet, it delivers greater headroom and a more extensive dynamic response than the existing twotwo sub1. The sub2 can be deployed in a 2.1 configuration with twotwos for effortlessly extended sub-bass, or to reproduce the LFE channel in surround setups, and is ideal where midfield performance levels are required in confined spaces, such as broadcast or post-production environments. Featuring PMC’s unique ATL™ bass-loading technology, and DSP-based filtering and bass management to extend bass output with negligible harmonic distortion, this is a sub with 600W of built-in Class-D amplification, producing controlled, reference-quality sound over a dynamic range from whisper-quiet to levels you feel as well as hear.

The long-throw bass driver - a flat piston composed of a carbon-fibre/Nomex® sandwich - is a bespoke PMC design that delivers an unparalleled transient response and potent performance for the speaker’s size when combined with the Advanced Transmission Line.

As well as the great sound and specification, there are a number of useful design features. Analogue and AES3 digital inputs are included, the latter accepting digital signals at sample rates from 32 to 192kHz.

Switching between the sources is carried out from the rear panel or the optional rc1 remote. A single parametric EQ is provided to assist with in-room alignment, and the digital input is also passed through to the sub’s analogue and digital outputs, allowing sub2 to be used as a high-end digital-to-analogue converter if required.

PMC twotwo Sub2

฿155,000.00 ราคาปกติ
  • Available Finishes: Blackblue

    Dimensions: H 510mm (20") x W 630mm (24.9") x D 377mm (14.8")

    Drive Units: LF 250mm (9.8 inch)

    Effective ATL™ Length: 3m (9.8ft)

    Frequency Response: 25Hz - 500Hz

    Impedance: 20k BAL

    Input Connectors: 2 x balanced analogue Left/Right XLR Female

    Sensitivity: 93dB SPL @ 1m (with Analogue i/p Sen @+12.5dB Vol @ 0dB, Input Level -10dBu)

    Weight: 40kg - 88.2lbs

    Amplifier Power per Channel: 600Wrms

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