One of Sennheiser's Best!

One of Sennheiser's most popular microphones! It's the MD 421 II's versatility that has made this mic so widely acclaimed. Its ability to handle high pressure levels makes it a natural for guitars and drums, but that's just the beginning. The MD 421 II's full-bodied cardioid pattern and five-position bass control mean it's an excellent choice for most instruments, as well as group vocals, or radio broadcast announcers. One listen and you'll know why it's a classic.

Sennheiser MD421

    • Glass composite housing and hardened stainless steel basket — rugged and durable
    • Five position bass roll-off switch — compensates for proximity effect
    • Frequency response 30Hz-17kHz
    • Effective feedback rejection
    • Clear sound reproduction
    • Acoustic components enclosed in inner chassis — reduced sensitivity to dust and humidity
    • Internal bass tubes help deliver accurate low-end response
    • Handles exceptionally high sound pressure levels
    • Mic clip included

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