Fusion: Powerful SSL Color Tools

A master processor designed for today's hybrid studio, Fusion delivers five powerful analog coloration tools — Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, HF Compressor, Stereo Image enhancer, and SSL Transformer — from the legendary console company Solid State Logic. Fusion provides the finishing touches for your productions with its compelling tonal and spacial enhancement, adding a touch of analog magic to your mix bus or stereo stems. Rounding out the feature set are a highpass filter with three selectable cutoff frequencies, stereo/mid-side insert sends and returns, peak hold metering, and more. Fusion's five analog processors can be used discretely or combined.


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SSL Fusion

฿85,000.00 ราคาปกติ
    • A master processor with 5 new SSL analog color circuits
    • Vintage Drive — a unique nonlinear saturation circuit designed to bring that cherished gradual analog overload sound you get from pushing vintage equipment into the sweet spot
    • Violet EQ — a 2-band, minimum-phase-shift shelving EQ offering instant low-end weight and gorgeous high-end air; 4 fixed frequency points for each band with ±9dB boost/cut
    • HF Compressor — high-frequency compressor optimized for smooth taming of brittle high end
    • Stereo Image — a built-in M-S circuit that allows sumptuous sculpting of the side signal for wider mixes with increased depth
    • SSL Transformer — a custom SSL design that introduces subtle low-frequency harmonics for added weight, with a touch of added transformer sparkle in the highs
    • Onboard Insert Point with Stereo and M-S operation
    • 3rd-order HPF (highpass filter) to eliminate unwanted low end
    • SuperAnalogue ±12dB center-indented Input and Output Trim controls for optimized gain staging
    • Individual Bypass switches for each circuit to compare sounds with each circuit engaged/disengaged
    • Master Bypass switch with two modes of operation: complete bypass (Red) and bypass that includes the Input Trim control (White)
    • Master LED meter with 3-second peak hold segments switches from output to input metering upon pressing the Bypass switch
    • Input clipping O/L LEDs that are triggered at +27dBu
    • Balanced XLR I/O throughout for professional studio integration
    • Enhanced dot-dash screening around controls for clarity and easy recall
    • Adjustable front-panel meter and switch brightness to match the vibe of your studio environment
    • Processor Type: SSL Analog Coloration
    • Number of Channels: Stereo
    • Analog Inputs: 2 x XLR (main L/R), 2 x XLR (insert return)
    • Analog Outputs: 2 x XLR (main L/R), 2 x XLR (insert send)
    • EQ: Low Semi-parametric, High Semi-parametric, High Pass Filter
    • Features: Vintage Drive, Stereo Enhancer, Mid-Side circuit, HF Compressor
    • Rack Spaces: 2U
    • Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable
    • Weight: 17.6 lbs.
    • Manufacturer Part Number: 729740X2

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