DAW Workflow, SuperAnalogue Sound

The Solid State Logic Sigma Delta gives you the legendary SuperAnalogue sound of an SSL console while working entirely within your DAW environment. Using proprietary MDAC control technology first featured in SSL's Duality and AWS studio consoles, Sigma Delta’s pure analog summing engine may be driven by automation data created within your DAW of choice. Enjoy full synchronized control via the Sigma Remote Control app and Delta-Control DAW plug-ins. The 16 input channels feature front-panel metering and may be individually switched between mono or stereo for up to 32 channels at mixdown. Sigma Delta also gives you flexible monitoring configurations, talkback, MIDI over Ethernet, and more. Get big SSL sound and DAW convenience with SSL's Sigma Delta.

SSL Sigma

฿185,000.00 ราคาปกติ
    • SL SuperAnalogue mix engine
    • Full synchronized control via Sigma Remote Control app and Delta-Control Single Fader Plug-in
    • 16 flexible channels individually switchable between stereo or mono for up to 32 channels at mixdown
    • 2 stereo mix busses with individual stereo insert points
    • Independent Main and Alternate Monitor outputs
    • Direct outputs on all channels
    • Talkback facility with adjustable Dim level
    • Intuitive cross platform set-up and configuration software
    • High speed External MIDI control via single Ethernet cable
    • Works with all major DAWs
    • Type:Analog
    • Channels:16 in, 2+2 out
    • Computer Connectivity:Ethernet/ Wireless
    • Outputs - Main:6 x XLR (Alt, Mon, Mix)
    • Outputs - Direct:8 x DB-25 (16 stereo channels)
    • Send/Return I/O:2 x DB-25
    • Busses/Groups:2 stereo mix
    • USB:1 x Type B (diagnostic only)
    • Other I/O:1 x 1/4" (footswitch)
    • Talkback:Yes
    • Rackmountable:Yes
    • Power Source:12V DC power supply (included)
    • Manufacturer Part Number:729760X1

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