Solid State Logic XRack Dynamics Module

SSL's innovative new XRack Dynamics Module lets you piece together up to eight dynamics sections of a classic SSL XL 9000 K. The SSL Dynamics Module incorporates compression, limiting, expansion and gating with hard or soft knee operation and peak, or RMS sensing. All of this circuitry is designed using SSL's acclaimed SuperAnalogue design techniques to deliver fantastic sound quality with very low noise and distortion.

SSL X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module

฿50,000.00 ราคาปกติ
    • +4dBu Operating Level
    • Balanced Stereo Line 1/4"Jack Input and Output
    • RMS or Peak Sense Stereo Compressor/Limiter
    • Dedicated Gain Reduction Metering
    • Independently switched Gate/Expander
    • External Key Input 1/4" Jack
    • Link function for multiple modules

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