Stereo EQ Module for SSL's XRack

SSL's innovative XRack Stereo EQ Module gives you the sound of a classic SSL XL 9000 K console channel strip equalizer. The SSL XRack Stereo EQ Module incorporates 4-band parametric with variable "Q" on the 2 mid bands, and shelf/bell control on the High and Low bands. All of this circuitry is designed using SSL's acclaimed SuperAnalogue design techniques to give you the fantastic sound quality and ultra-low noise profile and distortion of an original SSL console EQ. This also includes the same ultra-quiet, capacitor-less circuitry found in the 9000 K. Each XRack Stereo EQ Module is an identical copy of any other, giving you uniform sound and response. No matter how many XRack Stereo EQ (or other SSL XRack Modules, for that matter) you use, they will remain phase linear and provide cohesive sound.


Many producers and engineers would say that an SSL XRack Stereo EQ is an indispensable tool for their mix. The Channel EQ Module brings the legendary SSL twin-curve E and G series EQ from SSL's large-format consoles into an affordable package with the X-Rack. The EQ is 4-band parametric with variable "Q" on the 2 mid bands, and shelf/bell control on the High and Low bands. By offering the XRack EQ Module in a convenient, vertical rackmount design, SSL lets you piece together a mixed-and-matched setup with up to eight per classic SSL Dynamics Modules, Mic Amps, or EQ Modules XRack. The truly amazing thing about these modules is that the XRack itself integrates Total Recall. Total Recall allows you to set any or all of the modules in the XRack, dial in your perfect sound, and then save the preset to one of the 32 flash memory locations. That means once you've built your perfect SSL setup and found your ideal sound, you can always return to the exact same settings.

SSL XRack Stereo EQ Console-style Equalizer Module Features at a Glance:

SSL X-Rack Stereo EQ Module (Demo)

฿50,000.00 ราคาปกติ
    • 2-channel stereo design
    • Capacitor-less SuperAnalogue Design
    • 4-band Parametric EQ with Variable "Q"
    • Shelf/Bell Controls on the High and Low Bands
    • Twin-Curve E and G Series EQ
    • Modular Rackmount Design
    • Total Recall
    • Classic SSL Analog Sound
    • Mix-and-Match Any XRack Modules
    • Build Your Ultimate SSL Setup

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