Hybrid Console for the Modern Studio


       Boasting stunning SuperAnalogue sound quality, ultra-smooth workflow options, and extremely warm analog summing, the Solid State Logic Matrix2 delivers the large-format console benefits serious engineers demand. A total of 40 inputs and 16 motorized faders for both tracking and DAW control more than meets the demands of most small professional facilities and project studios, and a combination of six aux buses and four stereo returns with full stereo mix bus routing makes it easy to integrate all of your outboard gear as well. Top it off with amazing multilayer DAW control, powerful communications, and X-Rack system integration, and the ultra-modern Matrix2 line-level console is your ticket to mixing perfection.

SSL Matrix2

    •  Streamlined for a hybrid workflow                                   
    •  Pristine SuperAnalogue circuitry
    •  Take complete control of your DAW                   
    •  Professional monitoring and talkback
    •  X-Rack integration for total recall                                   
    •  Minimal signal path makes it easy to use your outboard gear
    •  Each channel includes inputs for both tracking and mixing
    •  Insert points let you patch in additional outboard processors
    •  Insert Matrix provides plug-in-style hardware routing options
    •  Stereo Cue ins add a total of 40 inputs for analog summing
    •  Same DC-coupled circuit design found in SSL's top gear
    •  Transparent signal path exceeds 24-bit/192kHz resolution
    •  Extremely wide frequency range with flat response           
    •  Ultra-low distortion performance won't color your sound
    •  Virtually nonexistent noise floor offers extended dynamics
    •  DAW Focus Mode provides full control surface functionality
    •  HUI and MCU mode presets cover every major DAW software
    •  17 motorized faders provide amazing hands-on control
    •  Complete transport controls and timeline readout onboard
    •  Focus Fader mode provides additional mixing flexibility
    •  Main and Mini outputs let you easily switch between monitors
    •  Artist monitor output is perfect for setting up headphones
    •  5 external monitoring inputs provide ample source selection
    •  External input summing makes adding reference tracks simple
    •  Updated Total Recall system makes restoring settings easy
    •  Manage TR setups right from the Matrix Remote application
    •  Many settings can be instantly and automatically restored
    •  Manual settings guided with simple LED indicator lights
    •  TR supports up to 6 additional SSL X-Rack modules


    • Type:                                Audio Mixer with DAW Control
    • Faders:                             17 x 100mm (Motorized)
    • Number of Knobs:              153
    • Knob Type:                       Encoders, Cue, Pan, Inserts, Trims, Monitor
    • Number of Soft Keys:         16
    • Transport Controls:           Yes
    • Analog Inputs:                   32 balanced (via DB25), AES (XLR), S/PDIF (optical)
    • Analog Outputs:                16 balanced (via DB25), AES (XLR), S/PDIF (optical), Main, Cuej (DB25
    • Computer Connectivity:       Ethernet, USB
    • Height:                               8.976"
    • Width:                                37.244"
    • Depth:                                28.503"
    • Weight:                              55.116 lbs
    • Manufacturer Part Number:729940X2

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