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หลักสูตร Sound Engineer Training Program

     If you looking for training program about Recording, Mixing and Mastering. This program will give you more understanding of your gear so you can efficiency use it for better quality output such as Mixer, Microphone, Pre-mic, Compressor, EQ, Reverb, Delay Etc. And also how to use your computer to make a music and how to manipulate it to fit with all of the gear you have or the project that you're working on. We will teach you everything from recording to final mixing and mastering in practical way

     This program suit for

  • Learning in recording audio

  • Producer

  • Musician (the best musician have a knowledge in Sound Engineering and use it to bring out the sound in their head and being open mind when they working)

  • People who work in Studio, Outdoor audio, Radio Station and every kind of audio work

  • Student who want to do a musical career or prepareing to entrance in Music Tecnology

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