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Sound Engineer Training Program

   A course for those who want to have knowledge of recording in order to have a good sound. which can draw out the power of the recording device to the full 100% Understand the principles of using recording equipment such as Mixer, Microphone, Pre-mic, Compressor, EQ, reverb, delay, etc. (to understand every button in tools and how to use them), including the basics of using computers for making music, as well as how to apply them to the equipment you have. and the work you do by starting to teach from the basics of sound recording Until the perfect sound mix, really focus on practice. have practiced working on their own in every step   suitable for

  • Those who want knowledge of sound recording

  • Producer

  • Musicians (great artists often have sound engineer knowledge to produce their own music to match the image in your mind. and have a worldview working width)

  • People who work in recording studios, outdoor audio work, radio studios and work. all kinds of sound

  • students, students who want to pursue a career in music or preparing for the entrance exam in the music field (Faculty of Music Technology)

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