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The SSL XR621 XRack Mic Amp Module is based on the mic preamp of a classic SSL XL 9000 K. The module incorporates variable impedance control, phantom power and phase reverse. All of this circuitry is designed using SSL's acclaimed SuperAnalogue design techniques to deliver fantastic sound quality with very low noise and distortion.


  • SSL's Capacitor-less SuperAnalogue Design
  • Variable Impedance Control, Phantom Power, and Phase Reverse
  • Modular Rackmount Design
  • Total Recall
    SSL's Capacitor-less SuperAnalogue DesignSSL put the same ultra-quiet, capacitor-less circuitry in the XRack Mic Amp Module that they put in their super-expensive XL 9000 K mixing boards. With this capacitor-less design, you are assured that no matter how many XRack Mic Amps (or other SSL XRack Modules, for that matter), the units will remain phase linear year after year. This also means that each XRack Mic Amp Module is an identical copy of any other one, providing a uniform sound. The SSL XRack Mic Amp Module is the perfect way to get the classic sound of an SSL preamp section and take it with you in your rack wherever you need to record.Variable Impedance Control, Phantom Power, and Phase ReverseThe SSL Mic Amp module for the X-Rack is designed to handle the varied input needs of the project studio. Made using the same SuperAnalogue circuitry as the XL 9000 K console, the X-Rack Mic Amp module sports a killer Mic Pre with 75db of gain, variable impedance control, phantom power and phase reverse, line input with level control, front panel instrument input and High and Low pass filters - all in one tiny box.
    Modular Rackmount DesignBy offering the XRack Mic Amp Module in a convenient, vertical rackmount design, SSL is offering an opportunity to piece together a mixed-and-matched setup combining any number (up to eight per XRack) of classic SSL Dynamics Modules, EQs, or Mic Amp Modules. This allows you to build your ideal setup. If you want three pres, an EQ, and four compressors, you can. If you prefer more EQ options than Mic Amp Modules, you can build it. Or if you'd like to have a 4-channel SSL Mic Amp front end with two classic EQs and two Dynamics Modues for post-recording tweaks, you can have that as well. With the XRack's modular design, you can customize the setup to suit your working style, which is quite an innovation - not to mention that all components that work with the XRack boast the legendary SSL sound.Total RecallThe truly amazing thing about the XRack Mic Amp Module (as well as the Dynamics Module and EQ) is that the XRack integrates Total Recall - an absolute first in analog equipment. Total Recall allows you to set any or all of the modules in the XRack, dial in your perfect sound, and then save the preset to one of the 32 flash memory locations. Saving presets was once territory only traversed by digital outboard gear and plug-ins, but the XRack from SSL gives you the classic SSL analog sound with the convenience of digital. Once you've built your perfect SSL setup in the XRack and found your ideal sound, save the settings for the next time you need that awesome compression or EQ you used on the last session.


฿36,000.00 Regular Price
฿27,000.00Sale Price

    * This price does not include installation and

      May be modified without prior notice *

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