Top recording and mastering engineers still use some analogue signal processing equipment, finding the familiar correlation between sound and control better to work with. However, most analogue equalizers have either continuously variable controls, making precise adjustments difficult, or just a few coarsely-stepped controls. Many fail to meet the standards of audio performance consistent with modern demands. The MEA-2 provides fully-stepped controls for precision and repeatability for ALL parameters.

The MEA-2 is extensively used in mastering but also works well on an insertion point in recording or mixing. The MEA-2 has stepped controls with a fine 0.5dB gain adjustment at low cut/boost settings. Maximum cut/boost per band is 8dB.

The MEA-2 is an equalizer that can provide precise equalization with minimal side-effects - it is designed to provide a very transparent signal path where only the desired equalization effect is obtained without adding any particular sonic signature.

MASELEC MEA-2 precision stereo equalizer


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