The two-way monitor wall bracket has been engineered to be a rigid and reliable support that will allow the twotwo.5, 6 and result6 to perform to a supreme level.  This bracket will allow movement in both vertical and horizontal planes allowing the cabinets to be angled to the optimum listening axis.  A ‘lock off’ bolt guarantees a ‘no droop’ scenario so the cabinet will remain at the ideal position permanently.


The speaker mounting plate has been designed so the twotwo.5, twotwo.6 designs can be mounted in vertical or horizontal orientations. An ideal attribute as these models have the ability to operate in either mode without compromising stereo imaging or tonal accuracy.


N.B. This wall bracket is not designed to be used in conjunction with any PMC product other than the twotwo.5, 6, result6 or DB1 designs.

PMCTwo-way monitor Bracket (Pair)

฿5,600.00 ราคาปกติ
  • Dimensions H135 x W 74 x D 50 (mm)
    Weight 2kg


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