Lyra represents the pinnacle of compact audio interfaces. Packing Prism Sounds trusted, uncompromising AD/DA conversion into a compact chassis perfect for use in the studio or on the road.

Based on the Orpheus’ audio path and clock circuitry, Lyra is ideal for those who don’t require a large I/O count, but do demand the highest quality and most transparent AD/DA available.

Prism Sound Lyra 1

฿64,000.00 ราคาปกติ
  • Instrument Input 1 x 6.3mm mono jack socket, auto-detect with software override.
    Headphone Output 1 x 6.3mm stereo TRS Jack, with illuminated volume control
    Master volume Assignable encoder / push switch with halo indication
    Standby button with standby indicator (also flashes when unit is in “identify” mode)
    Level Meters 4 x multi-segment, multi-colour bargraphs with overload indication, 2 for analogue, 2 for digital, assignable to inputs or outputs
    Input selection Indicate mode of analogue inputs 1 & 2 as Mic / line / inst & plus phantom power indicator for mic mode
    Overkiller For both analogue inputs, lit when Overkiller limiters are acting
    Digital Input indicators for digital input unlocked and SRC (sample-rate converter) selected

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