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Bulk Analog Line-level SuperAnalogue I/O

An SDI embedder/de-embedder bridge to Dante IP Audio Network and MADI, the Solid State Logic A32 provides 32x32 line-level SuperAnalogue I/O to Dante and AES 67-based IP networks. Featuring redundant network connections, the A32 has eight SDI circuits, each with embed and de-embed functionality, as well as dual Dante and triple MADI connectivity (two optical, one coax I/O). In addition to SDI-Dante bridging, SDI allows direct bridging between SDI and MADI infrastructure. Internal channel-by-channel patching enables versatile routing between all three domains. As you would expect, redundant PSUs provide reassurance in a 24-hour broadcast environment. Building or expanding a networked studio system? Give Sweetwater a call and get expert advice from a network specialist.

SSL Network I/O A32

฿380,000.00 ราคาปกติ
    • Interface between Embedded SDI audio, Dante, and MADI
    • Eight 3G-SDI paths with embedders and de-embedders for 16 audio channels
    • Redundant: PSU, MADI ports, Dante Ports = Full Broadcast Spec Redundancy
    • 2 x optical and 1 x coax MADI I/O
    • Internal channel-by-channel routing for all audio paths
    • AES Connectivity
    • SRC on the Audio path to and from SDI

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